Sunday, January 18, 2009

San Antonio

While we were in Texas we went to San Antonio to spend some time with our friends, the Flummers. They were great hosts and the boys loved playing together. In fact, we're at the hotel tonight to go home and Adam wanted to go and play with Jackson some more. :) We are looking forward to their trip through Atlanta this summer.

Here's some photos from our couple of days in San Antonio (some were made today), so I think I'm about caught up on blogging now. We went to the Witte Museum, the River Walk and the Alamo while we were in San Antonio. We had a great time and look forward to coming back sometime to spend a few more days exploring Texas.

First Flight....

I had to take a trip to Austin, TX for a meeting at work. In the process of looking at flights, I discovered it was much cheaper to fly to San Antonio and drive to Austin. So, since we have some friends in San Antonio, we decided to all come. This was Andrew's first flight and he did great! (I hope he'll do as well on the flight home tomorrow) Adam had flown a couple of years ago, but he doesn't remember that.

Andrew's Favorite New Toy

Andrew got a wonderful new toy for Christmas from his Great Uncle Neil and Great Aunt Margo. I had never seen one of these's not like the typical stacking toy. It actually spins and plays music. I believe it is made by Lamaze. He loves it! Even if he isn't stacking it, he loves hearing the music.

So thank you very much Uncle Neil and Aunt Margo. We love it!!

Adam's Shopping Trip

For Christmas, Great Grandmother Warren sent Adam $20. Usually when Adam gets money, it goes in his savings account. But this time, we decided to let him take the money and go shopping. So we all loaded up and to Toys 'R Us we went. We had a lot of time and Adam was quite a good shopper.

Here is Adam showing off his $20.
And here we are after we found Thomas' Break Down Train....we were so excited.
Adam actually paying for his purchase. He asked us several times if he had enough money. He actually bought the train, a car and of course, some M&M's and even had a couple of dollars left over. He was a smart shopper!

With our purchases in the bag, we're ready to go home and open up the new toys!
All smiles with our new train.

Day after Christmas

So the day after Christmas we needed to do something to burn some least Adam needed to burn some energy. One of Adam's favorite places to go is to Chuck E Cheese so after some lunch we were about done playing. I looked around to find my dad with Andrew on the wave runner ride.....I know they rode it 2 or 3 times and Andrew loved it! Oh well...I guess we are just starting him early.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Christmas was so much fun with the boys..... Of course Andrew was up at 7am ready to go. He certainly is not our late sleeper. So, when he started trying to tear into presents, we went to wake up Adam and Ken. :) We were all up early. Andrew had as much fun playing with the wrapping paper as he did the actual presents.

Adam loved his new racetrack and was so excited when Grammie and Grandpa got here. They came over Christmas morning and it was like Santa arrived all over again. We had a great day and then had cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus." Adam lead the whole song and he was so much fun.

They are at such a great age and we are having so much fun....


Andrew is getting to be such a big boy. He loves his bath time now that we finally took him out of the toddler tub. He had definitely outgrown it.

And who knew, now he has decided he likes the jumpy horse. We were about ready to try and sell it because he had only used it once, but decided to give it one more chance. He loves jumping in it!

It won't be long now....just a couple of weeks until he has 1 year old. This year has flown by.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Due West UMC Preschool Christmas Party

I'm very behind in updating from the I'm going to try and do a little catching up. Adam had his Christmas party at school on December 19th. I took the day off so I could go with him. He was ready to go when he got up that morning. He was so much fun this year and so excited about all things Christmas. We had an Advent Calendar that he was thrilled to open up each morning and count down the days to Christmas.

Here are a few more photos from the party. They were so much fun! I'm so glad I was able to be there and share the party.