Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching Up

I think I lost the month of February.  It is honestly a blur.   We've had so much go on since I last blogged anything.  Here are the highlights...

1.  Andrew turned 3 on January 25th!  We had  very fun party with friends from school and church at Monkey Joe's. 
2.  We celebrated the 100th day of school for Adam.
3.  End of indoor soccer....
4.  Valentine's Day and class parties at school.
5.  Adam turned 6 on March 3rd!  Wow!  We had lots of fun at Bounce U for his birthday party.

In between all of this, Ken got a promotion at work.  I've been traveling lots doing training across the state.  It has meant lots of time on the road and away from home - not my favorite thing in the world. 

Outdoor soccer practice starts this week and both Adam and Andrew will be playing at the church.  It should be lots of fun! 

Everytime I think things will slow down just a little, they just seem to speed up and go faster.  I'm trying to remember to take time every day and enjoy my family.  We're ready for a busy spring and looking forward to lots of fun things!

Here are some photos from the past few weeks.