Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a week....

Wow, what a week it has been....On Tuesday we took Andrew to the doctor because they sent him home from preschool on Monday. He had a double ear infection and an eye infection. He got two shots on Tuesday and had to go back on Wednesday for a recheck. He's been on antibiotics all week and still has a few more days to go.

We decided we might better take Adam to the doctor as well. So he went on Tuesday afternoon and he has bronchitis. Ugh!

By Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling crummy so I stopped by urgent care on my way home from work. I have a sinus infection. So, I brought home antibiotics as well. So all three of us are on antibiotics. Ken so far is avoiding the doctor, but he may need to go as well......

Other than the sickness that has infiltrated our household, it hasn't been too bad of a week! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SEC Championship Game

We were lucky enough to see Alabama play Clemson in the Georgia Dome this year, so it was only fitting that we go back to see them play Florida in the SEC Championship game. While the result wasn't exactly what we had hoped for, Alabama played a great game and I couldn't have been prouder to be there yelling "Roll Tide" with all my might. I have loved being able to go to the games this year and be a part of this story book season. With 9 seniors, Alabama wasn't picked to do very well - in fact, in preseason we were told we'd be lucky to win half of our games. I guess someone forgot to tell the team that. No one predicted Saban to turn the program around this quickly and I hope that we are back on track to having a successful team each year. We may not always beat Auburn and we may not always make the SEC Championship, but we can play well and show up to every game and play with heart. I think this year's team has displayed what you hope to see in a college football player.

I do have to say Congratulations to the Florida Gators. They played a great game and I hope they represent the SEC well in the Championship game.

So, Alabama gets to go to the Sugar Bowl now....and I've never been to New Orleans. It might be a first time for me...or we may watch from home. No matter what - we'll continue to say Roll Tide and job well done!

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa is an annual tradition at Due West UMC. This was our fourth year being there. We have pictures each year of Adam with Santa, and now with Andrew as well. I love that we have photos of Andrew staring so intently at Santa, just like Adam did on his very first visit with Santa. We had Adam's favorite meal for breakfast - pancakes. We hear about pancakes all the time now! :) So this week, we had three different trips with Santa - one at the mall, one on North Pole Limited and then Breakfast with Santa. I think Adam thinks we're supposed to see Santa several times a week! He is so looking forward to Christmas - now if he'd only leave the ornaments on our Christmas tree rather than thinking they were toys to play with everything would be great.

North Pole Limited

On Thursday, we took the boys to ride the North Pole Limited in Chattanooga, TN. This train ride is set up like the Polar Express and we had such a great time! It is kind of funny that we can get to Chattanooga faster than we can to Atlanta sometimes. The ride lasted about 75 minutes, and they gave out cookies and read The Polar Express. Then, of course, Santa made an appearance. Adam had such a great time! He's been asking when we'll get a train to go around our Christmas tree and been watching the Polar Express movie since we got home. This just might be our new annual family Christmas tradition.

First trip to see Santa

This week we took the boys to their first trip to see Santa. It took a while, but eventually we got a couple of smiles from both of them.

Alabama vs. Auburn

On Friday, November 29th I went to my first Alabama vs. Auburn game. While we've had season tickets for a few years now, we sold our tickets the last time the game was in Tuscaloosa. I finally got to experience the game.....Ken told me I would feel "it" when we got to the stadium and I wasn't really sure what "it" was and now I'm not even sure how to explan it. There was an electricity in the air like I can't explain. Maybe it was because Alabama was 11-0 going into the game and maybe it was because it was an Alabama vs. Auburn game, but whatever the reason, it was a great football day. There was a haze over the stadium and a fine mist for most of the game. Bama played great and finally broke the six year streak....we had a great time and were there to see Alabama go to 12-0! Roll Tide!!

Fantasy in Lights

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we decided to visit Fantasy in Lights. It has almost become a tradition with us that we go each year to Callaway Gardens. We love the fact that we can keep the kids in the van and drive through the lights. We didn't have advance tickets, but decided to go anyway. We didn't have to wait too long.....but the thing we always forget is how long the drive is to Callaway. For some reason, we always think it is only an hour away....when it tends to more like an hour and a half. Adam loved it and always loves seeign the lights! Andrew slept through the entire thing....that's typical! We love the Christmas season and never pass up an opportunity to experience it through the eyes of the child....