Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bath Time

I love that the boys are at the point now that they like playing together. We began seeing this some this fact these photos are from July. I'm still trying to catch up!

They had so much fun for bath time that we had to take some pictures. Little boys can be so much fun!!


This summer we decided to have a garden. We had more zucchini and tomatoes than we could eat. We learned an importnat lesson - no matter how much you like zucchini, you probably don't need 6-7 plants. :-)

Adam's favorite part were the sunflowers. I'm still amazed at how well they did. I think every bird in the neighborhood found them and had a ball with the seeds. Our deck still has sunflower seeds everywhere. Adam says he wants to plan lots more sunflowers next year. We'll have to see about that.