Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Goes On

There are times in life that are all about the lesson learned.  And the one major thing, is that life goes on.  You can't change the past, you can learn and grow from it, but you can't change what happened.

The past week was a bear!  I won't go into a lot of details except to say that I was put in the middle of a situation that I never dreamed would happen.  While I hope that it is somewhat resolved, I learned a lot of things about myself and the people involved.  

It's the time of year when many days work just seems unbearable.  I hope that I am raising my children to be respectful adults and to remember that there is always a person on the other side.  I continue to be amazed at how easy it is to be so disrespectful to others.  I know many will say it is the current generation, but I don't believe this can be limited to a generation.  I've had people many years older than me be just as bad as a current twenty something.  It is almost that people feel the more they yell and scream that you'll be more likely to change your response.  Working in a financial aid office, it just doesn't work that way.

But no matter how bad things might have seemed (and they did seem bad), my kids started back to school and are loving it.  We spent a great weekend together as a family celebrating Ken's birthday.  We sat with our friends at church and for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace.  Peace in knowing that I'm right where God wants me to be.  I am not perfect - I am far from it.  I learn more every day about the person I want to be and the kind of people I want my kids to be.

Life goes on....we just have to find a way to continue to see the good in every day.

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